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What is Travel Channel Essential... about?
The best advice always comes from those in the know and thats definitely what you want when it comes to planning a holiday. The traditional two weeks in the sun has changed dramatically in the last ten years. A holiday is no longer time out, its time well spent; a chance to experience a new place, explore new interests, possibly gain a skill or exercise a passion. In fact, holidays have never been more important and when youre planning yours, nothing is more valuable than quality guidance from someone who knows. Advising you on how to get the most from your travels, Essential is back with more adventures. Danann Breathnach travels to both well known and unknown parts of Turkey in visits to Istanbul where he finds a thoroughly modern city and Eastern Turkey where he discovers a land alive with history where mighty powers met in battle and empires fell. Mike McLean travels to Nova Scotia to experience the rugged coastline and stumbles on a male-only colony. Mike also tries out Mozambique where he somehow finds himself sharing his shower with a lion. Danny Robins learns that Lithuania translates as Land of Rain, but thankfully avoids a drenching and discovers a gem of a Baltic state. Its all essential viewing.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Travel Channel Essential...

    Episode 2: Quebec  
    Episode 3: Utah  
    Episode 4: Munich  
    Episode 6: Prague  

Season 2 of Travel Channel Essential...

    Episode 1: Seoul  
    Episode 2: Ecuador  
    Episode 3: London  
    Episode 5: Madeira  

Season 3 of Travel Channel Essential...

    Episode 2: Istanbul  
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