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What is Neighbors from Hell about?
The Hellmans are a typical, all-American suburban family in every way except one: they're from hell. They've been sent to Earth by Satan, on a mission to stop humans from drilling into their underworld home. As they pose as everyday earthlings, dad Balthazor grows to like the odd but endearing qualities of humans, while his wife, Tina, would rather not be in the company of other suburban housewives. Rounding out the Hellmans are Josh and Mandy, typical teenagers in hell who find adapting to life on Earth fairly easy, and the family pet, Pazuzu. As Satan says, follow the credo ``Seem Normal, Fit In, Destroy Drill, Save Hell, Go Home'' and the Hellmans will have no worries.

Genre: Animation
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Season 1 of Neighbors from Hell

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