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What is About a Heart about?
Marianne and Elizabeth are both doctors at the cardiac clinic. They are in many ways each other's opposites, but are fighting side by side for equal treatment in cardiac care. Throughout the mini-series, they develop a friendship and help each other to go against the standards for what is expected of them and the roles they are in. Marianne is challenged by her family and colleagues. Why should she work two full-time? She has been both her ??husband, Bjorn, daughter Sanna, grandchild Saga and her senile mother Nea to take care of. Why should she do research through the night in a medical issue that there appears to be no evidence? The only thing that supports Marianne Elisabeth, who gradually realizes that the hypothesis seems correct. Elisabeth who have devoted her life for her career is forced to revise her choices in life when she meets a critically ill patient Henry.

Genre: Drama, Mini-Series

Season 1 of About a Heart

    Episode 1: Part 1  
    Episode 2: Part 2  
    Episode 3: Part 3  
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