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Watch Lowdown online: Episode 4 Hart of Darkness

When plagiarising popstar Sofia Corelli is assaulted on the eve of her Melbourne tour, Alex suspects that the renowned torch singer Abi Hart (Emily Barclay) has something to do with it. After all, Sofia has totally ripped-off Abi's sound and look. Alex learns that drug-addicted Abi is holed-up at a maximum security rehab centre, but Dr James refuses to write a referral for Alex, despite diagnosing him as an alcoholic, since the rehab centre is strictly for celebrities or people with exotic addictions. Alex and Bob make the perilous journey up the Yarra river to the remote rehab centre, a formidable compound with trigger happy security guards. Cunningly disguised as a doctor and maintenance guy respectively, Alex and Bob are able to infiltrate the centre and get to the unsuspecting Abi. Alex eventually manages to win Abis confidence to extract the confession, but when Rita turns up, all hell breaks loose.

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