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Watch Lowdown online: Episode 3 Zirco Goes Berko

Temperamental tennis star Mitch "Zirco" Zicopoulos (Alex Tsitsopoulos) has pulled out from a warm-up tournament citing a sore finger, leaving 20,000 fans out of pocket. Alex's editor is convinced Zirco is faking his injury and sends Alex and Bob to find the truth. But gaining access to the code-protected restricted-access floor at the boutique hotel where Zirco is staying proves harder than they thought. The anti-terrorist elevators only allow three incorrect attempts at entering the code before sleeping gas is emitted from its vents. The celebrity acquaintances that Alex encounters in the foyer give him the slip, and Alex and Bob's preposterous efforts to get to Zirco come to naught. Meanwhile, Alex is grappling with the various hair-raising diagnoses that Dr James rings through regarding a pimple on his 'groinal area'. Yep, it seems for now that the whole world has been designed to ruin Alex's day, and when our boys eventually encounter Zirco, their luck plummets further...

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