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Watch Lowdown online: Episode 1 Wasp in Translation

Celebrity tabloid journalist and Lowdown columnist Alex Burchill (Adam Zwar) scores a highly coveted interview with the environmentalist, Tantra-loving, Buddhist rock God, Wasp Warneke (Anthony Ahern) on one condition... he doesn't ask about Tantra. In an effort to impress his artist girlfriend Rita (Beth Buchanan), Alex offers her the job as photographer. But when his actual photographer and loyal friend, Bob (Paul Denny), finds out he's been sidelined on the Wasp job, his heart is broken. When the time comes to meet Wasp, Alex has to battle car trouble, traffic jams, road rage incidents and some disturbing news from Dr James (Dailan Evans) regarding a shadow on his arse, and ends up having to 'do a phoner' instead of a 'face-to-face'. But suddenly, his luck changes. Wasp opens up about tantra, the traffic starts moving and Alex ends up getting his face-to-face meeting after all - and so much more...

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