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Watch Vishnu Puran online: Episode 4 Episode 4

Goddess Parvati agrees to the request of Laxmi to protect Dhruv in the forest. She goes to the forest on her Vahan (tiger) and saves Dhruv from a cheetah. She reports to Lord Shiva that Dhruv was unaware of the attack since he was so engrossed in his prayers. Dhruv gives up eating to compel Lord Vishnu to come to him. Vishnu refuses to do so until Dhruv goes through what is written in his fate by Brahma. Indra is told of Dhruvs whereabouts and she fears he may ask Vishnu for his throne. Narad tries to warn Dhruv by sending Rakshita disguised as his mother, but even she is unable to obstruct his

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