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What is Dinosaurs: Return to Life about?
Since the movie Jurassic Park, weve dreamed of re-creating dinosaurs. But the science behind this fantasy seemed impossible; until now. A recent discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones is reviving the possibility of recovering dinosaur DNA. Remarkable new genetic advances are revealing that the DNA of dinosaurs and birds, their only living descendants, are extremely similar. This one-hour special examines these fascinating new findings. In Dinosaurs: Return to Life, Jack Horner, palaeontology adviser to the Jurassic Park feature film series, makes the case that it will be possible to create a living dinosaur; not by retrieving ancient DNA, but by retro-engineering a dinosaur from a bird. Advances in genetic engineering are moving so fast that Professor Horner believes that within 50 years it will be possible to retro-engineer a dinosaur-like creature from an emu; a creature he would call an Emuasaurus.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Dinosaurs: Return to Life

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