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What is Codename: Kyril about?
This spectacular, star-studded, action-packed thriller was filmed on location in Bristol, London, Amsterdam and Oslo. There is a top level traitor in Moscow Centre and Stanov, Chairman of the KGB, secretly lays a bait to flush him out. One of his officers - codename "Kyril" - stages a convincing defection and rumours circulate in both Moscow and London that the 'defector' carries with him the spy's identity. But Kyril, with his misplaced loyalty, is being hunted by the KGB and British Secret Intelligence on his hazardous journey to London and does not realise that he is on a certain suicide mission...

Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Codename: Kyril

    Episode 1: Part 1  
    Episode 2: Part 2  
    Episode 3: Part 3  
    Episode 4: Part 4  
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