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What is WWII, The Lost Films about?
The only ones to see war like this were the ones who lived it. Until now... WWII The Lost Films is not just one of HISTORY's biggest projects, but one of the most ambitious productions ever undertaken in documentary television history. Over three thousand hours of high definition colour film (filmed in colour, not colourised) was discovered in locations all around the world. This dramatic footage has not been seen before and is the backdrop to the incredible personal stories of 12 American soldiers recounting their experiences of fighting in the war's biggest battles. Using the diaries of these men, WWII Lost Films creates a moving, personal and detailed look at life at the front lines. Diaries were illegal for U.S. soldiers to carry, but the 12 characters in this series hid them away in their packs and recorded their experiences in detail.

Season 1 of WWII, The Lost Films

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