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What is Chasing Churchill: In Search of My Grandfather about?
Winston Churchills Granddaughter Celia Sandys Retraces His Footsteps in Three-Part Series From England to Egypt, from Hollywood to Havana, from Virginia to France and South Africa, CHASING CHURCHILL: IN SEARCH OF MY GRANDFATHER follows Celia Sandys around the world as she retraces her grandfather Winston Churchills footsteps to reveal the man behind the famous faade. Featuring newly discovered archival footage, photographs and private letters, diaries and paintings from the Churchill archives. Churchills public life was a remarkable journey, one recounted many times by many people. But his life involved another, much more private journey: to find stillness at the core of his boundless energy; to find solitude amidst the throngs of people he loved to have around him; to find contentment within the turmoil of his lonely, brilliant and troubled life. Churchills quest for his inner-self took two forms: a constant thirst for exotic travel and a passion for the exuberance of painting and the beauty of words. Sandys traveled extensively with Churchill towards the end of his life. Now, in this intimate portrait, she follows in her grandfathers footsteps to the furthest reaches of the world. By examining his art and literature, viewers will understand his dreams and anxieties and share his innermost thoughts. Sandys travels to France, with which Churchill had a love affair throughout his life, especially the south of France, a painters dream; to Cuba and South Africa, where, when little more than a boy, he began to write prodigiously; to the United States, his vital wartime ally, his mothers native land and the place where he said he would have liked to have been born; and to Morocco, his favorite place to paint. For Churchill, life was a battle: to defeat those who would threaten his way of life or his country; to overcome all the weaknesses he or others perceived in him; and to express himself in pictures, words and deeds as others have done.

Genre: Documentary
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Season 1 of Chasing Churchill: In Search of My Grandfather

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