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What is Business in Russian about?
The plot of the show is devoted to the vagaries of doing business in Russia. The protagonist - the Father, the eternal loser in each series is taken as an embodiment of another crazy business ideas (growing watermelons, crossed with cockroaches, the export of Russian land in flower pots, a project to get rid of traffic jams in Moscow by super-trampoline, etc.). Loser-entrepreneur is not burdened with a crust MBA and generally quite shallow - in business, he is guided not by knowledge of economics and management, and "pioneering fervor," that is valid optimistic, but disorganized. His dream is got riched without doing much effort (in the images of Russian life - "to sit on the pipe" to the end of life does not work). Pope's character can be called the archetypal Ivanushka-Durachok.

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Season 1 of Business in Russian

    Episode 4: Pipeline  
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