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What is Grouchy Young Men about?
Following in the BBC's Grumpy Old Men and Grumpy Old Women programmes, the same production company, Liberty Bell, brings the format to Comedy Central with a group of younger men complaining about life in Britain today. Proving that grumpyness is by no means a state of being confined to just the oldies, these twenty to thirty-something men have a catalogue of complaints that make them mad as hell, from today's unfathomable hunger for fame to the minefield of modern dating. It's a tough time for the 21st Century's tetchy younger men - caught as they are between their increasingly decrepit parents and the snotty-nosed school kids clogging up the bus. But this comedic look at what infuriates the modern grumbler offers respite from the double standards and sheer frustration of it all. Grouchy Young Men gives a younger generation of disgruntled gents the chance to let off some steam. Narrated by Peep Show's Robert Webb, the show contains a catalogue of complaints... from today's unfathomable hunger for fame, to the minefield of modern dating. Grouchies include Soapland bad boys Jack P Shepherd (Corrie) and Robert Kranzinsky (EastEnters), fashion designer Henry Holland, and comedians Russell Kane and Kevin Bridges.

Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Grouchy Young Men

    Episode 1: 1  
    Episode 2: 2  
    Episode 3: 3  
    Episode 4: 4  
    Episode 5: Jobs  
    Episode 6: Women  
    Episode 7: 7  
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