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What is Undercover Princesses about?
Three single princesses from around the world come to the UK to find Prince Charming to take back to their kingdom. To ensure the people they meet love them for themselves and not just their title, the princesses go undercover as everyday girls, living together in a house in Essex. Without their riches and servants, it is the first time they have ever had to fend for themselves. They take on ordinary jobs in a hairdressing salon, cafe and cricket shop. And in their search for the perfect, ordinary man, they trawl the pubs, clubs and supermarkets of Essex for 'the one'. Her Royal Highness Princess Xenia of Saxony is a descendant of one of the most powerful royal families Europe has ever known. At 22, she is a well-known celebrity in Germany, but a combination of her beauty, fame and royalty has made it difficult for her to find true love. Her Highness Princess Aaliya of Balasinor's ancestors were ancient warriors who ruled in western India for centuries. The 35-year-old Princess has had a traditional and sheltered upbringing within a family where marriages are usually arranged. She has never been on a date before, and never had a boyfriend. Princess Nvannungi Sheillah is from Buganda, the largest and most powerful kingdom in Uganda, presiding over five and a half million subjects. The princess is one of the most famous women in her country and has a career as a pop star. Having made little progress in their search for the perfect man, the princesses must go on as many dates as possible or their undercover mission will end in failure. By the end of the week they hope to find a genuine contender to take home with them to their kingdoms. They hunt for men everywhere - at work, in church and at a local football match. They brave the hilarious world of blind dating and also manage to throw their own British barbecue without the help of their servants. Just when picky Princess Sheillah is about to give up hope, a chance meeting in a supermarket changes everything. Has one of the princesses finally found the beginnings of true love?

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Undercover Princesses

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