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What is Asfur about?
Asfur is an Israeli television series which is broadcast on the channel HOT3, which tells the story of four Jerusalem men that decided to "take it easy" and live in abandoned buses on a farm that's owned by Motti, (played by the actor Shalom Michaelshvilli) which was given to him after his grandfather died. The Word "Asfur" in the series is the name of a bird which would come by Motti's farm at the time that his grandfather was still alive and Motti believes it gives him luck. Motti discovers he has a huge debt, since his grandfather earned money letting general contractor's throw their waste in a pit on the farm. the four are trying to find solutions to close the debt, while dealing with everyday problems.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
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    Episode 1:   

Season 1 of Asfur

    Episode 1: ????  
    Episode 6: ???-??  
    Episode 7: ??????  
    Episode 24: ??????  
    Episode 41: ???????  
    Episode 49: ??????  
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