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What is Animal Planet Wild Recon about?
While other children were out playing soccer, nine-year-old Donald Schultz was busy catching and handling the deadliest snakes on the planet. Born and raised in South Africa, Donald was the youngest person ever to give venomous snake demonstrations at the world-famous Fitzsimons Snake Park. But catching, caring for and studying snakes were not enough. Now, Donald travels the globe tracking down dangerous creatures, all in the name of science. He uses his animal acumen and taste for adrenaline for a greater cause, risking his own life for research that may one day save the lives of animals and humans. Each episode of Donald Schultz to an exotic locale where he faces some of Earth's mightiest, deadliest and most fascinating creatures in their natural habitats. Hiking through thick jungle undergrowth, diving depths of hundreds of feet to sample sharks species or skydiving into hard-to-get-to habitats, Donald stops at nothing to complete his mission. His missions have an air of urgency as it's a race against the clock to get his fragile samples out of the field and into the lab for the next stage of work to commence. With Donald's help, researchers will hopefully unlock the mysteries of animal DNA, identify the blueprint for undiscovered antivenin or even one day find a cure for a life-threatening disease. Donald works closely with researchers at zoos, universities, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and especially local governments and communities to assess their needs and identify what research could be critical to their ongoing studies.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Animal Planet Wild Recon

    Episode 2: Rampage  
    Episode 5: Bitten  
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