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Watch The All New Super Friends Hour online: Episode 11 The Fifty Foot Woman, Cheating, Exploration Earth, Attack of the Killer Bees

The Fifty Foot Woman When Professor Amy Zahn develops a serum that turns her into a rampaging 50-foot giant, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin look to get her back to normal size. Cheating The Wonder Twins look for two missing boy scouts in danger. The only one who knows where they are is a young man who saw them as he cheated during a cross country race. Exploration Earth A giant, indestructible space lander comes to Earth and begins taking various objects, animals, and people, including the Wonder Twins. The SuperFriends take action to find where it came from and put it out of commission. Attack of the Killer Bees Samurai and Aquaman must save an African village from killer bees.

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