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Watch Revolution 618 online: Episode 31 Living by Grace

We as a people need to be cautious about making judgments on person or persons theology or what you think their stand is based on watching somebody for 30 minutes on television or listening to them on the radio. We are saved by grace known as the grace of God through faith. The word of God declares as you receive the lord so walk in him. Josh states So many people misunderstand the grace of God There needs to be more of a full understanding and awareness of the grace of God that is unmerited favor ,but also Gods power in our life to work out his righteousness. When the grace of God shows up that gives us divine ability to be an over comer and a conqueror. We dont receive grace by our own righteousness. We receive the grace of God by Christs righteousness. Mercy and grace are not synonymies. Mercy is not receiving what I do deserve while grace is receiving that which I dont deserve for example. We peruse the things of God and go to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace.

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