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Watch Revolution 618 online: Episode 7 In God's Image , Part 3

Pastor Josh Jamison explains how we are God's special people being called to do his purpose that is not meant to be a burden to carry it out. Melissa goes on to explain God wants us to be like him to look like him he is holy , when we look to Christ he is holy. We cannot craft Jesus Christ into a store bought trinket or into an image; his image is in our hearts branded as Christians. The B90X reading the bible in 90 days using a pattern is encouraged by Host Josh Jamison. Leviticus 20:26. The grace of God turns every commandment into a promise we don't hear what were supposed to do we hear what we get to do. Pastor Josh Jamison states we are the people of God we have a purpose as God's people and it is not a burden being placed upon us but a freedom. He points this out in 1 Peter 2:11-12 . The Hosts reference these two more key verses in the Bible from Leviticus 20:26 and 1 Peter 1:13-16 From the New Testament.

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