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Watch One Born Every Minute online: Episode 5 Episode 5

In this episode, two young mums-to-be come in to the hospital at the end of unexpected pregnancies. And for their mothers its time to let go of their daughters. Abbie and Ross are both 17 and have been together for three years. Abbie says: We were careful, but things happen, and things happen for a reason. Her mum Donna, an ambulance technician, has delivered 15 babies, but that cant prepare her for the emotional wrench of her baby having a baby. As Donna says: Shes not my little girl any more. Shes going to be somebodys mummy. Twenty-three-year-old self-confessed free spirit Leoni had only been with her babys father for a short time when she fell pregnant. She only wanted to be a mother if she could be there for her child. With the support of her family, she decided to go through with the pregnancy. But Leoni is eight days overdue and her pregnancy isnt progressing. And the hospital staff are worried about the babys heartbeat before Leonis even in labour.

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