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Watch One Born Every Minute online: Episode 3 Episode 3

Lisas baby Jack has been born with his bowel outside his body. The first few days of his life are critical as he faces serious medical procedures. Lisa is forced to cope with waiting weeks before she can take him home, and confesses to feeling jealous of the nurses who are feeding him before she can even hold him. Meanwhile, Sarah is expecting her second child. Midwife Dominique does everything she can to make sure she can have the natural birth she always wanted. Sarahs first labour was very difficult and she had to have a caesarean. But as she finally goes into labour and the hours start to drag by, Sarah and dad Darren begin to worry that it will be the same as last time, and Darren feels impotent, thinking that no-ones listening to him and theres no point in him being there. And 25-year-old Andreia comes in to the hospital for a water birth, with the cameras catching her babys breathtaking entrance to the world

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