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Watch Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance online: Episode 6 Josh And Oliver

Jo Frost runs into major tantrums in this show when she meets 11-year-old Josh, who has a furious temper that's turning home life into a battlefield. Josh's relationship with his dad is proving hard for both of them, and something has to change. Jo gets to the bottom of the problem and has to persuade both sides to build again from the ground up. Oliver is a dawn-raiding biscuit bandit whose early morning missions disrupt the whole house. Not only are mum and dad exhausted, but when Jo examines the dangerous lengths this five year old will go to for treats - it becomes obvious that it's time for action. This time Jo's roadshow deals with the three year old who won't give up breast-feeding, the trials of sibling rivalry, and a fussy eater who'd rather starve for six days than give in to a healthier diet.

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