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What is Big Cook Little Cook about?
Each programme contains fun and innovative recipes, a story, songs and a 'real world' film, looking at the origins of one of the ingredients. These sequences explore where many ingredients are found, specifically whether they are grown, or are processed. Ben and Small's recipes are simple, but different, and are inspired by the arrival of a different character coming into the cafe at the beginning of each show. The programmes are humourous and encourage parents to watch alongside their child, picking up on the catch phrases and singing along with the songs. Hygiene and safety tips are given throughout Big Cook Little Cook, reinforcing how to cook safely. The characters use a range of ingredients to promote healthy eating and inventive cooking. Many different foods are introduced throughout the series and children are encouraged to try things they may normally not.

Genre: Children

Season 1 of Big Cook Little Cook

    Episode 3: Knight  
    Episode 4: Cat  
    Episode 6: Spaceman  
    Episode 12: Bear  
    Episode 14: Robot  
    Episode 17: Mermaid  
    Episode 18: Clown  
    Episode 19: Pilot  
    Episode 22: Duck  
    Episode 27: Sailor  

Season 2 of Big Cook Little Cook

    Episode 2: Elf  
    Episode 3: Penguin  
    Episode 4: Dragon  
    Episode 6: Painter  
    Episode 7: Pop Star  
    Episode 11: Dentist  
    Episode 12: Pirate  
    Episode 14: Mouse  
    Episode 16: Octopus  
    Episode 19: Rabbit  
    Episode 20: Diver  
    Episode 21: Teacher  
    Episode 24: Monkey  
    Episode 25: Postman  

Season 3 of Big Cook Little Cook

    Episode 2: Swan  
    Episode 10: Cow  
    Episode 13: Aladdin  
    Episode 15: Cowgirl  
    Episode 16: Vet  
    Episode 19: Snake  
    Episode 25: Yeti  
    Episode 27: Twins  
    Episode 28: Magpie  
    Episode 30: Snail  
    Episode 34: Donkey  
    Episode 35: Lion  

Season 4 of Big Cook Little Cook

    Episode 3: Kangaroo  
    Episode 4: Mole  
    Episode 6: Seagull  
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