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What is Super Rookie about?
Super Rookie (????: rookie employee) is an intelligent comedy which gives hope and courage to young people going through difficult times. It is a story of a young man (Kang Ho) who gets a job in a prestigious company due to a computer error. He doesn't have a great family or educational background and is regarded as a slacker in the traditional terms. Worst yet, he seems to spend his life devoted to reading comic books, playing cards, kick boxing, and the like. However he is spirited, street smart, athletic, loyal, and charismatic - especially with the ladies. The drama reveals how he gets his new job, his work-life, and the love and passions in his life in a very interesting way. He never gets discouraged despite all of lifes difficulties. Kang Hos high spirits and Mi-oks efforts to improve her life give todays younger generation a chance to look at their own lives and ponder whats truly valuable.

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Super Rookie

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