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Watch Rescue Ink Unleashed online: Episode 3 Street Rules

A call comes in to Rescue Inks clubhouse from a distraught woman who claims that her neighbor is trapping, torturing and killing animals. The SPCA and the police have worked tirelessly to build a case against the accused man, but proving serial animal cruelty requires unquestionable evidence that can be hard to come by. Rescue Ink joins the effort to stop this man once and for all. When a deaf womans dog is stolen during a string of burglaries in a Queens neighborhood, the guys take it personally. Along with the cops, they hit the street to catch up with the burglars and find the missing dog. A family down on their luck fears theyll have to give up their two dogs both big and powerful breeds that have outgrown the family home. Rescue Ink drums up donations and builds a warm, secure doghouse so the family can keep their pets.

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