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What is Gordon's Great Escape about?
Gordon's kicking up his heels and heading to India on a culinary quest to discover the delicious history behind his favourite cuisine Curry lover Gordon Ramsay embarks on his first ever trip to India, for Gordon's Great Escape. His gastronomic quest showcases the stunning variety of India's culinary traditions, as he submerges himself in all aspects of Indian culture - no matter how challenging, unfamiliar or extreme. This epic journey showcases India's stunning scenery, diverse people and an abundance of delicious, mouth-watering food that will put our take-away curries in the shade. From balti to biryani Gordon will be tasting the real deal versions of Britain's favourite dishes and finding his normally revered cooking skills put to the test.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Gordon's Great Escape

Season 2 of Gordon's Great Escape

    Episode 1: Cambodia  
    Episode 2: Vietnam  
    Episode 3: Malaysia  
    Episode 4: Thailand  
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