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Watch Kenny Everett Television Show online: Episode 7 Show 6

Sketches Include: Sexual Innuendo. Kenny Piano Song. Spiderman - fart. Folding Chairs. Gizzard Puke - copper. Speaking Clock (with B.A. Robertson). Sid Snot - card trick. Kenny as Rod Stewart. Red Sea Fishing. Cupid - the old curiosity axe murders. The world's tallest building. Dungeon Prisoner - crossword (with Lionel Blair). Greatest Bed Jokes of All Time (with B.A. Robertson). Magician's Assistant in Three Parts. Sid Snot - cigarettes. BBC Boardroom - it makes you sick. Hitler's Bunker - master plan toffee. Complex Transplant. Couple in Bed - marriage excitement is gone. Adam Faith - another bed joke? (with Adam Faith). Products By Royal Appointment. Construction Workers - paratroops (with Terry Wogan). Push-Button Phone Call. Cupid - balls on the willow. Courtroom - irish jokes (with Frank Carson). Marcel Wave - think of me. In It For the Money. After Ending Titles - BBC Boardroom.

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