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Watch Omamori Himari online: Episode 12 Cats, Yuto and the Devotion of a Maiden

The battle between Tama and Himari intensifies with Himari transforming to her ayakashi form. Yuto and the other girls soon arrive at the battle scene and they are shocked at Himari's transformed appearance. Tama soon assumes her fox form with Himari in her jaws, but Himari breaks free and deals a powerful blow to her, defeating her. However, after Yuto and the girls come down to see Himari, Himari, having lost all sense of reason, attacks them and eventually beats them, leaving Yuto the only one left. Yuto then resorts to killing Himari with the latter's Yasutsuna, but drops it at the last minute and hugs Himari, telling her to come back to him. After returning to normal, Himari and Yuto prepare to fight an enraged Shuten-doji in his oni form, where Yuto then imbues Himari's Yasutsuna with his Light Ferry ability. Using her newfound power, Himari defeats Shuten-doji for good, with a hungry Tama emerging from the rubble soon after. Following the fight, Kuesu asks Yuto to use his Light Ferry ability to fix her clothes, but could not do so to his surprise. The next day, Yuto gets an angry visit from Kisaragi, Taizo, and the Class Rep, which later leads to a misunderstanding after seeing all of the girls in his house.

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