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Watch Omamori Himari online: Episode 11 Himari, as a Bodyguard...

While Himari spars with Yuto in order for him to fully master his Light Ferry ability, Shuten-doji puts up a barrier all over the city which catches their attention. As they arrive in the barrier, Tama appears and fights Yuto and the girls with Kaburagi watching from the sidelines. During the battle, Tama tries to kill Yuto by choking him, which provokes Himari to awaken her demon powers but Yuto snaps her out of it just in time. Satisfied, Tama lets go of Yuto and retreats from the battle to Kaburagi's surprise. After retreating to Noihara, a surprised Yuto comes to see that the girls are finding a way to make him control his Light Ferry powers through old documents stored at the archives, which later leads Yuto into reading the documents himself to everyone's surprise. Meanwhile during her walk in the forest, Himari is confronted by Shuten-doji and Tama and fights the latter by the lake. The current situation useless, Himari eventually unleashes her demon powers as she prepares for her final battle.

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