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Watch Omamori Himari online: Episode 9 The Meow in the Approaching Darkness

During an art project at the park, Yuto is kidnapped by Ageha at a power station. While Himari and Rinko go out to search for him, Rinko gets a surprise visit from Sasa. Meanwhile at the water fountain, Taizo and the other students get a surprise visit from Shizuku, who wants to warn Himari of something. When Himari tells her about Yuto being kidnapped, they both prepare to look when they see a tired Rinko collapses with Sasa on her back. Himari demands Sasa of Yuto's whereabouts, eventually learning that he is with Ageha. Back at the power station, an excited Ageha drinks Yuto's blood and gets intoxicated after drinking it. Himari and Shizuku quickly intervene, both preparing to fight her but Ageha refuses, saying that someone is trying to kill off ayakashi in the west. Later, a man named Kaburagi from Public Safety's Section 4 appears, and after explaining to them about the numerous cases of an ayakashi comsuming other ayakashi, attempts to recruit Yuto into his division. Yuto, however, refuses when a mysterious blond-haired child appears in front of them. As Yuto and Himari run for the exit, they see a mysterious man blocking it and, after a failed series of attacks from Himari, Sasa, and Ageha, the blond-haired child attacks Himari and bites her, revealing she is the ayakashi who is killing other ayakashi. Kuesu later arrives at the scene, identifying the two as Tamamo-no-Mae and Shuten-doji, two of Japan's three strongest ayakashi. However, just as she was about to fight them, Tama and Shuten-doji vanish. Himari then recalls Tama's words from earlier, which leaves her worried.

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