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Watch Omamori Himari online: Episode 3 Maid in Neko

While taking his bath, Yuto gets a startling visit from Shizuku. Rinko and Himari barge in, with Himari slicing Shizuku in half only for her to reappear behind Yuto. After getting into a brief arguement with Shizuku, Yuto passes out in the bathtub. After coming to and follwing a brief scuffle with Himari, Yuto explains to Shizuku he does not want to kill ayakashi just because he's a Demon Slayer, and claims he wants to live a normal life which inspires Shizuku to move in to everyone's shock. The next day after receiving a compliment from Yuto about her housework, Shizuku berates Himari on her inability to do anything else besides fighting, deeming her as unfeminine. Later, Yuto, Rinko, and Shizuku arrive at Caf Relish, where it is revealed that Himari is working as a cat-eared maid which catches Yuto's allergies. Following an intervention from Lizlet, the caf's head waitress, after Himari is caught flirting with Yuto, Himari warns him that Liz may be an ayakashi. Meanwhile, Liz grows suspicious of Yuto's constant watching, and thinks he may be out to kill her. In an attempt to save herself, she spikes his tea with magic tea leaves, but her plan is foiled when Shizuku tastes the spiked tea and gives it to Taizo, who drinks it and leaves under the tea's magic. It is later revealed that Liz is a Tsukumogami after a battle with Himari leads to the latter piercing her chest with her Yasutsuna to no effect, and when she tries to destroy her true forman antique teacup, it falls out of her hand with Liz failing to catch it until Yuto catches it at the last second, saving her. After coming to an understanding with him, Liz apologizes for her actions, with Himari and Shizuku contemplating on Yuto's kindness. The next morning, Yuto wakes up to see Rinko, Shizuku, and Himari, whose cat ears causes him get an allergy as the three maids jump onto his bed. Back at the caf, Lizlet welcomes another customer.

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