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What is Ross Kemp Middle East about?
Following on from his BAFTA-nominated reports documenting the post election turmoil in Kenya and from the front line in Helmand province ROSS KEMP travels to Israel and Gaza to explore a conflict which shapes our world yet remains largely misunderstood. With unprecedented access to all sides, this two-part series will offer insight into life in Gaza post Operation Cast Lead and detail what it's like to live under the threat of terrorist attack in cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It explores the mindset of the men behind the violence, and highlights the experiences of those trapped in the middle. The Middle East has been the centre of one of the world's most bitter conflicts for decades, one that has cost tens of thousands of lives and forced millions to live in fear and misery. For more than half a century the world's leaders have tried to forge a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, yet today the prospects are as remote as ever. ROSS KEMP comments: "I didn't fully understand the situation in the Middle East before making these films and I think that's the general

Season 1 of Ross Kemp Middle East

    Episode 1: Gaza  
    Episode 2: Israel  
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