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Watch So Ra No Wo To online: Episode 2 The Sound of the Sky - Beyond the Dream

When asked by Mishio what her dream is, Kanata is unsure how to answer. Kanata is given a letter sent to Rio from the Roman Emperor, and goes to find Rio so she can sign it. Whilst in town, she runs into Yumina and learns why Mishio asked her. Kanata later learns from Naomi and Maria that Rio might have wondered off somewhere. Kanata later finds Rio at some ruins, who was wondering about the true story behind the Maidens of Fire that Aisha had told them. Rio then explains that outside of Seize, there are a lot of wars going on. Later that night, Rio takes Kanata on a hot air balloon ride, where she tells her her dream of rebuilding the airplane. The next day, as Kanata is picked to play the role of a fire maiden, Kanata decides her dream is to follow Rio on her dream.

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