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What is A Chip Off The Old Block about?
The relationship between the father and son had always been distant. The son felt that the father's set of principles were too outdated. The father always mentioned that he had a strange encounter in his younger days, but the son was certain that it was just his excuse to cover up his failure. During the period when their relationship was the most strained, the son accidentally travelled back in time - returning to the younger days of his father... The father and son actually became good friends. In this simple generation-period, the son learnt how to get along with others again, and experienced how valuable relationships with his closed ones are. He even witnessed the strange encounter during his father's younger days - which was actually that the father had met up with the son, whom wasn't supposed to be born yet at that time...

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Season 1 of A Chip Off The Old Block

    Episode 4: ????????  
    Episode 20:   
    Episode 21:   
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