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Watch Andrew Marrs The Making of Modern Britain online: Episode 4 Having a Ball

The war was won and folks were fed up with feeling miserable, so the British people settled in for a decadent decade: the 1920s. Marr's feisty overview dances between topics (from the private housing boom to the Irish Civil War) and characters without crowbarring in contrived links. It's a captivating pick and mix without any drab, dry moments. Culturally, we thrived in the 20s. Nightclubs, sex and drugs were all the rage. Old money partied with new and the aristocrats made writers and artists their playthings. Cue the DH Lawrence stills and footage of dancing girls illiberally sprinkled with sequins. Later on, there's a recap of everything you need to know about the Lloyd George Cash for Honours debacle. And we learn how, in 1922, British radio began broadcasting for entertainment, if only for half an hour a week. Radio Times reviewer - Ruth Margolis

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