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What is Kurogane Communication about?
Haruka is an ordinary teenage girl, but her life is extraordinary because as far as she knows, she is the sole human survivor of a global nuclear war. Surviving the war in cold sleep, she is awakened by five robots about 30 years later. Things are fine, but she is constantly haunted by sudden flashbacks and dreams about her parents. There is also a constant danger of roving war machines and threats like water depletion, yet despite all this, life is still in quite good shape. The robots are her family and friends, and do everything they can to help the human girl. However, deep inside Haruka is yearning to meet other surviving humans.

Season 1 of Kurogane Communication

    Episode 1: Haruka  
    Episode 3: Oasis  
    Episode 9: Shelter  
    Episode 11: Flyer  
    Episode 14: Kanato  
    Episode 15: Ruin  
    Episode 16: Hate  
    Episode 17: Mother  
    Episode 18: Hostage  
    Episode 19: Reunion  
    Episode 21: Honi  
    Episode 23: Takeoff  
    Episode 24: Rebirth  
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