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What is Tantei Gakuen Q (2007) about?
Notebooks that foretell deaths, numerous urban legends, and murders with no clues... a series of strange incidents occur, and people are lead into a deep labyrinth of mysteries. Five fledgling teen detectives of the Dan Detective Academy, which was founded by the legendary and renowned detective, Morihiko Dan, work together to solve such difficult cases. Stealthily at work behind the strange incidents is an evil crime syndicate called the "Meiosei". They are a group of intellectuals who have long antagonized the Detective Academy run by Morihiko Dan. The five youngsters make their way forward a step at a time as they come face to face with death, clash with one another at times, reconcile, and deepen their friendship. This is a pop mystery drama series about youth friendship and adventure in the face of united efforts against dark forces.

Genre: Drama

    Episode 1: Special  

Season 1 of Tantei Gakuen Q (2007)

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