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Watch Special Agent Oso online: Episode 25 Freeze Dance Royale; The Boy With the Cardboard Fort

Freeze Dance Royale: Oso helps Professor Bufo test his new submarine's sonar. As Bufo goes to work on his aquapod, Oso tries to listen to the sonar and sound the alarm to signal Bufo. But while Oso listens to some music on Paw Pilot, he doesn't pay attention to the sonar and the submarine gets hit. That's when a special alert comes in. Oso teaches two friends in Taiwan, Mia and Lynn, how to play freeze dance so they can join the older kids. Will they learn the rules before the others begin the next game? The Boy With the Cardboard Fort: Dotty trains Oso to drop water balloons on a target from high up in the air. But Oso goes too fast and misses the target. That's when a special alert comes in. Oso helps a boy, Wyatt, build a fort out of a cardboard box from which a new refridgerator came in. Will they be able to make the fort before Wyatt's friend Isaac comes over to play?

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