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Watch Special Agent Oso online: Episode 22 Quantum of Celery; Drink Another Day

Quantum of Celery: Wolfie trains Oso to launch water balloons at a target. But Oso overloads the launcher with too many balloons, and they get launched in all directions. That's when he gets a special alert. Oso helps a girl, Audrey, make a healthy snack for school--ants on a log--while her mother changes her baby sister's diaper. Can Oso and Audrey get her school snack made before the schoolbus arrives? Drink Another Day: Oso is trained by Wolfie to go on a deep sea search. Oso is to launch a deep sea probe in an underwater cave, but he launches it in the wrong direction and hits Wolfie's boat. That's when a special alert is called. Oso shows a girl at a school playground in Greece, Athena, how to drink from a water fountain. That way, she wouldn't be thursty anymore.

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