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Watch Special Agent Oso online: Episode 20 Lost and Get Found; A View to the Truth

Lost and Get Found: Professor Bufo trains Oso to find the real Agent Wolfie in a group of Wolfie robots. Oso tries figuring out who is the real Wolfie when he gets a special alert. Three brothers--Juan, Jesus, and Julio--are shopping with their mom at a department store in Madrid. Juan stops to look at a toy train, and he gets separated from his mom and brothers. Now he is lost and scared. Will Oso help Juan find his family? A View to the Truth: Wolfie trains Oso to pilot a submarine. Unfortunately, Oso leaves the hatch open, and Wolfie's submarine fills with water and sinks. That's when a special alert comes in. A girl, Lena, accidentally breaks her grandma's flower vase while taking her dog Bo outside. Lena let Bo take the blame, and she feels bad for not telling Grandma what really happened. Will Oso show Lena how to tell the truth about the broken vase to her grandma?

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