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Watch Special Agent Oso online: Episode 15 Quantum of Sauce; The Girl With the Folded Clothes

Quantum of Sauce: Agent Wolfie trains Oso to change the nose cone on a deep sea probe before launching it. Oso tries remembering how to put on the replacement nose cone on the probe when Paw Pilot calls in a special alert. A girl, Taylor, is having spaghetti for dinner with her family and some guests, but she doesn't want to get any sauce on her new dress. She always makes a mess on herself everytime she eats spaghetti. Oso has trouble with his spaghetti too. Will they both learn to twirl and eat spaghetti together without making a mess, and will Taylor keep her dress clean during dinner? The Girl With the Folded Clothes: Oso is on the moon where Dotty trains him to drive a moon-buggy. As Oso moonwalks to the moon-buggy, he drops the key to start it up. That's when he receives a special alert. A girl named Lydia offers to help her mother fold clean laundry, only she doesn't know how. Can Oso help Lydia fold the laundry to surprise her mother?

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