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Watch Special Agent Oso online: Episode 13 License to Sled; Snowflakes Are Forever

License to Sled: Oso is on a snowmobile chase with a pack of penguins after him. Oso tries to keep his balance while riding when he gets a special alert. He teaches two kids, Haylie and Henry, how to go sledding. Will Haylie and Henry make their sled go before their cousins, Tess and Molly, come to go sledding with them? Snowflakes Are Forever: Dotty and Wolfie train Oso to launch his motorcycle off Rapide. Oso tries remembering what Dotty and Wolfie told him to do while Rapide is moving, but he doesn't open the ramp all the way and takes a spill. That's when Paw Pilot calls in a special alert. Oso helps a girl, Gabriella, learn how to make a paper snowflake for a winter festival. Will she make her snowflake before she and her sister, Valentina, leave for the festival with their mom?

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