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Watch Special Agent Oso online: Episode 19 Tie Another Day; You Only Start Preschool Once

Tie Another Day: As Oso trains a horse to jump over a tall fence and keep him from running off, Paw Pilot calls in a special alert. A girl named Tara has new shoes to ware to school. Unfortunately, her new shoes are the lace-up kinds, and Tara has never tied shoelaces before. It will be up to Oso to teach her how to tie her shoes before the bus comes to take her to school. You Only Sttart Preschool Once: Oso is trying to make an eye scanner recognize him by looking directly at it when a special alert is called. A boy named Sam has just started preschool, but he hasn't made any friends there yet. Oso must show Sam how to make a new friend before his new teacher takes the class on a nature walk.

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