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Watch Special Agent Oso online: Episode 12 Octo-Puzzle; One Suitcase Is Now Enough

Octo-Puzzle: While Oso is out on the top of a tall tower looking for a red sports car, a special alert is called. A boy named Jack is trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle of an octopus to show his dad when he comes home. It's up to Oso to help him sort out the pieces and put it together. One Suitcase Is Now Enough: While Oso tries unlocking a high security lock which opens a door to a room full of special gadgets, he receives a special alert. He helps a boy, Cody, pack a suitcase with things he needs for a week-long family vacation at the beach. Will they find everything Cody needs for the trip before the family leaves for the airport?

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