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Watch Scorched Earth online: Episode 5 Airborne Warfare

The sudden and dramatic appearance of the German Paratrooper - the Fallschirmjager, brought a new and unexpected dimension to the nature of warfare during the second World War. These new warriors of the air were to make critical contributions to some of the most famous battles of the conflict. The indomitable German paratroopers, the Fallschirmjager, established an enduring legend with their dogged defence of Monte Cassino. The allies were quick to imitate their deadly enemy - the Fallschirmjager were the inspiration - the British Paratroop Battalions and American's Screaming Eagles were the result. Airborne Warfare tells the fascinating story of war from the skies and how the combat from the air changed and evolved. The programme features extensive rare archive footage and state-of-the-art illustrative 3D graphics, and visits the silent graves of Monte Cassino today.

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