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What is Whats Really In Our Food about?
WHAT'S REALLY IN OUR FOOD investigates the food we eat, exploring the benefits and risks and debunking some of the popular myths or misunderstandings surrounding so many food products. We look at where our food comes from and how it is made, and along the way we demystify the science, test the ingredients and translate the labels. The series is presented in a lively, entertaining style and the menu will appeal to a wide range of eaters we cover everyday produce such as cheese, eggs, beef, wine, chocolate and nuts just to name a few! Petra will speak to both local and international food experts - leading medical professionals, scientists, and nutrition experts - unravelling the processes involved in the production of our food.

Genre: Documentary, Special Interest

Season 2 of Whats Really In Our Food

    Episode 1: Juice  
    Episode 2: Eggs  
    Episode 3: Potatoes  
    Episode 4: Spreads  
    Episode 5: Beef  
    Episode 6: Wine  
    Episode 8: Cheese  
    Episode 9: Nuts  

Season 3 of Whats Really In Our Food

    Episode 2: Shampoo  
    Episode 4: Hair Die  
    Episode 5: Makeup  
    Episode 9: Soap  

Season 4 of Whats Really In Our Food

    Episode 1: Icecream  
    Episode 3: Beer  
    Episode 4: Berries  
    Episode 6: Yoghurt  
    Episode 7: Soy  
    Episode 9: Pork  
    Episode 10: Beans  
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