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What is Science Channel Brink about?
Designed as the next-generation source of interactive science information on television and on the web, "Brink" is the premier series for immersing viewers on the frontlines of cutting-edge breakthroughs in technology, research, inventions, discoveries and the mysteries of the scientific world. The series explores people who are on the brink of changing our lives, and will also include content generated from scientists, organizations, universities and viewers from around the world. The series provides viewers with a clear understanding of the impact and relevance science has in our lives today, and offers significant insights into how science may profoundly change our lives tomorrow. Each half-hour episode combines short-form reports on the latest global science news with vital interviews with prominent scientists. "Brink"'s innovative format will also include unusual segments covering a range of subjects from peculiar, avant-garde research to "backyard inventors" who are pushing the limits of science in their own way - such as building their own space craft.

Genre: News, Special Interest

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