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Watch Rocked the Nation 2 100 NZ Pop Culture Stories online: Episode 3 Episode 3

Ben Lummis, Rosita Vai and Matthew Saunoa sung their way into the 63rd spot with New Zealand Idol, we ate our way though so many Georgie Pies that Fast Food come in at number 61. Anne Geddes won herself a spot at number 59 by stuffing babies into adorable costumes and then putting their pictures on a bunch of calendars. Like a modern day Orson Welles, Lonely Girl15 fooled the world with her vblogs putting her in at number 57. Where would we be without Suzanne Paul?! Probably a whole lot less tannedshe painted our country with her luminous spheres and managed to take out the 54th spot. The 80s were great! Everyone was rich, we all drove Ferraris and had huge shoulder pads. well they did in the TV series Gloss, which came in at number 47.

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