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Watch History Channel Expedition Africa online: Episode 8 The Final Chapter

As the team waits out the heavy rains, the explorers recognize that, above all else, they want to make it to Ujiji as a cohesive unit. They work together to bury and resolve their differences. Benedict and Pasquale canoe together down the Malagarasi toward Lake Tanganyika as a symbol of this cohesive spirit. Lake Tanganyikas currents and waves offer a not-so-friendly greeting, and they switch from canoes to small sailboats. The explorers can feel Ujiji within their grasp. With little thought, they put up their sails quickly and dash for the horizon. Kevin and Benedicts sail breaks, leaving them far behind and fearful they wont find camp as the sun sets. At camp, all realize they cannot lose focus this close to the finish. Kevin and Benedicts troubles continue the next day when boat issues cause them to fall far behind again, but this time, the team pledges to stick together. The explorers spot Ujiji, but the final stretch proves more daunting than they had imagined. Wading chest deep in swampy water and head-high razor grass, they are frightened of the snakes and crocodiles that may be lurking underneath them. Out of the swamp, filthy and exhausted, they decide to switch into fresh clothes just as Stanley did before meeting Livingstone. Down the Mango Road, they walk down the same path as Stanley to Livingstone four abreast for the first time, as they make their grand arrival at the Old Market for an epic celebration.

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