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What is Hunter Hunted about?
Hunter Hunted A new CSI-style series reopening six unsolved cases where man has been attacked by beast Something is happening on the edges of civilisation people are mysteriously disappearing, their bodies discovered with terrible injuries. With increased frequency, bizarre accounts of wild creatures attacking humans are making the headlines. Some cases can be easily explained, yet others remain a mystery, even to the experts. Is there a dangerous trend emerging with the tables turning and the hunters becoming the hunted? Reopening six unsolved cases, this gripping new CSI-style series uses forensic, behavioural and biological analysis to examine vicious attacks on humans by wild creatures. Examining six particularly tragic attacks, we learn how people have often met violent ends at the fangs and claws of snakes, bears, alligators, sharks and tigers.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Hunter Hunted

Season 2 of Hunter Hunted

    Episode 2: Crocs  
    Episode 3: Bats  
    Episode 4: Dolphins  
    Episode 5: Baboons  
    Episode 6: Wolves  

Season 3 of Hunter Hunted

    Episode 1: Ambushed  

Season 4 of Hunter Hunted

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